Lawrence Guy: Patriots ‘not a bunch of quitters’


There is no doubt this has been a challenging season in New England.

The Patriots have struggled to find a consistent level of play and winning formula, even as the team has won three of its last four games to hit the month of December with a 5-6 record.

The playoffs remains a theoretical if unlikely possibility.

One thing, though, that can’t be questioned these days in Foxborough is the investment made by the players and coaches as the Patriots continue to fight through the struggles with a three-game road trip through L.A. and Miami on the immediate horizon.

At least that’s how veteran defensive tackle and Patriots team captain Lawrence Guy sees it. Things have been far from perfect. Opportunities have been missed. But New England has proven its mettle and shown fight throughout 2020.

“A bunch of warriors. It doesn’t matter what the outcome is,” Guy told the Dale and Keefe show on WEEI of the team dynamic he’s seen in New England this season. “Yeah, we…the record is what it is. We can’t change it. We can’t go back, take a play back here and there. Yeah, there’s a lot of frustrating football that’s been played. There’s a lot of embarrassing football that’s been played. But there’s also a lot of great football that’s been played. There’s also a play here and there that should have been made, a tackle here and there or a call. But all that is what it is. We can’t change none of that.”

According to Guy, the focus in Foxborough is on the investment in the immediate future of the final five games of the season. A trek that continues Sunday afternoon in LA against the Chargers.

“All we can do is continued to try to strive to get better,” Guy continued. “We have people on this team that sit there and want to do that. There are no people sitting here like, ‘Well, I failed. I don’t want to do it no more.’ There is nobody saying, ‘Hey, I want to quit.’ That’s what you see. You see a lot of teams quitting. We’re not a bunch of quitters. We’re out here, we’re a bunch of warriors that are going to come out here and compete, we’re going to strive and push each other. And that’s the best thing you can see. You want to push somebody to be better. You want to say, ‘Hey, man, you ain’t playing good enough. We need more out of you.’ Before you do that you look in the mirror and you say that to yourself. And when you are able to say that to yourself, where I believe our team is at, we can look in the mirror and say we need more out of us. We continue to strive to do that.

“We don’t like excuses and all that. We continue to feel like this is a non-excuse issue. This is an ignore-the-noise issue. There’s a lot of noise out there saying we aren’t this or we aren’t that or we could be this and we could be that. Just ignore all that and all you can do is take it game by game. Nobody can tell you what’s going to happen in the future. Nobody can tell you what was going to happen in the past. They only can tell you what’s going to happen that day at that time and play by play. We are taking it play by play by play.”