Matt Light on GHS: Bill Belichick building for future because 2020 NFL season is 'a joke'


With the Patriots sitting at 2-5 -- 3.5 games behind division-leading Buffalo and 2.5 games behind Cleveland for the last AFC wild card spot -- a lot of eyes around New England are looking ahead to the future.

This was always going to be something of a transition year for the Patriots after Tom Brady’s departure, but it’s debatable whether it had to be a rebuilding year, or if Bill Belichick and Co. could have done more to put together a playoff team for this season.

Appearing on The Greg Hill Show Tuesday morning, former Patriots left tackle Matt Light offered an interesting theory about Belichick’s approach to the 2020 season.

Light called this year “a joke” due to players opting out before the season, the steady wave of players going on the COVID list, games getting rescheduled, and not having fans at games, and said we won’t look back on 2020 as a real season as a result. And he thinks Belichick may feel the same way, hence why he would build more for the future than the present.

“Five years from now, when we look back on this season, are we going to be talking about it?,” Light said. “Are we going to be comparing it? We win a Super Bowl back in the day and they compare it to a previous Super Bowl we won. ‘Oh, this one was so much bigger.’ And, ‘Remember that year?’ No one is going to look back on the 2020 season and compare it to anything other than, it was a joke. It was ridiculous.

“I mean, Bill Belichick’s the greatest there is, man. Do you want to compete? Do you want to go after it at the highest level? Or do you want to do what they’re doing right now with all the uncertainty? This is not the game of football we all know. It’s something other than that. Bill recognized it early on. I firmly believe that. And I think he’s building for the time that we can play for a real championship, with real players getting after it, fully prepared, getting ready to go.”