Mike Lombardi on OMF throws out interesting name for Patriots, other QB-needy teams


The Patriots will be among a number of teams looking for quarterbacks this offseason.

There will be several free agents available, some solid options at the top of the draft and then some potential trade options. In terms of trade options, appearing on Ordway, Merloni & Fauria, Mike Lombardi threw out a name that might surprise some people.

“[Aaron] Rodgers is at a different level. The guy that might win MVP of the league is Jordan Love," he said. "Because Jordan Love is the reason why Aaron Rodgers is so pissed off at everybody, and he’s playing at such a pissed off level, it’s hard. He’s back to ’13 level. And Jordan Love, the first-round quarterback, is sitting there on the bench. He’s not going to play for that contract. [He] might be a quarterback you could trade for. Rodgers is going to play another three years, four years. … You might want to make a phone call up there.”

Love was selected No. 26 overall when the Packers traded up to get him, which did not make Rodgers happy. The 37-year-old is signed through 2023.