All criminal charges reportedly dropped against Robert Kraft from Orchids of Asia case


According to the South Florida Sen-Sentinel, all criminal charges against Robert Kraft from what occurred at Orchids of Asia day spa in Jupiter, Florida well over a year ago have been dropped.

Kraft, along with 24 other men, were charged with solicitation of prostitution after prosecutors said he paid cash and then got naked for sex acts. This occurred Jan. 19, 2019, and Jan. 20, 2019, the second date being the morning of the AFC title game against the Chiefs.

The case began following a police prostitution sting using secret video cameras, but last month a state appellate court ruled the videos were unlawfully recorded.

Without video evidence, prosecutors no longer have a case.

Kraft and his lawyers are still fighting to make sure the videos do not get leaked to the internet and want them to be destroyed.

A press conference with State Attorney Dave Aronberg is scheduled for Thursday afternoon.