Pair of former NFL players pick Aaron Rodgers over Tom Brady


The timing of the tweets emanating from former NFL players Torrey Smith and Will Blackmon weren't coincidental.

Tom Brady has just lost to the Chiefs, with his Buccaneers dropping to 7-5, while Aaron Rodgers was absolutely dominating Chicago, going 21-for-29 for 211 yards and four touchdowns.

The combination of the two led to this social media take by Smith and then Blackmon ...

While the two players' career add up to 20 years of NFL experience, the take is still going to be a tough sell.

For starters, Brady has six Super Bowl wins and nine appearances while Rodgers has made it to the big game just once. And there is also the fact Brady has won three MVPs, with Rodgers claiming two.

This season Rodgers certainly has the upper-hand, totaling the best quarterback rating (117.6) in the NFL, throwing 33 touchdowns and just four interceptions. To be fair, however, Brady turned in a similarly standout season during his Age 37 season (where the Green Bay QB is now) in 2014.