Take your pick for the Patriots' 1st-round pick: Kyle Pitts or Trey Lance?


With the No. 15 overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft the New England Patriots select ...

Considering the importance of the pick, it's never too early to start that discussion, as Patriots.com reminded us with the first edition of their "2021 Patriots Mock Draft Tracker".

There are a lot of ways to go. Quarterback. Wide receiver. Premier tight end. Trade. It will lead to some great debate, so let's surface one of them:

Who would you rather the Patriots use at No. 15 overall: Florida tight end Kyle Pitts or North Dakota State quarterback Trey Lance?

The case for Pitts: You aren't going to find many more highly-regarded tight ends entering a Draft than the former Gator (43 catches, 770 yards, 12 TDs last season). It is a connection made by NFL Draft analyst Rob Rang on Mut at Night.

“To me, he is the best pass catcher in the draft class, in my opinion,” Rang said. “That’s with all due respect to DeVonta Smith. I think Smith is a fantastic player that is just kind of gushed about, but at the same time, he does have that spindly frame. That concerns you a little bit. Where as with Kyle Pitts, with his body control, with his hands, his size, he is a physical player and again, just his acceleration is just remarkable for the tight end position. I think you’re talking about guys like Darren Waller, Travis Kelce, absolutely just a phenomenal player.

“If there’s any way that he’s available to the Patriots at 15, to me, unless Zach Wilson or Justin Fields happen to be there — and I don’t think that’s likely that those two quarterbacks are there and Kyle Pitts — to me, if Kyle Pitts is available to any team, [they are] just about crazy if they don’t consider him. I think you’re talking about an All-Pro early in his career.”

The case for Lance: You can say he is just 20 years old. You can say he played against lesser competition. You can say just wasted an entire year with limited action. And it is because of these reasons Lance might actually have a chance at slipping to the Patriots, slotting behind Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields and Zach Wilson. But in terms of raw potential, other than Lawrence there might not be anybody more intriguing.