Robert Kraft wonders how Cam Newton was ‘on the market for 86 days’


Two weeks into his New England career, all is seemingly right in terms of the fit between Cam Newton and the Patriots.

But when the former NFL MVP sat on the free agent market for months this offseason and then joined the Patriots in late June, many including the quarterback himself wondered how he’d fit in the Bill Belichick-controlled football culture in Foxborough.

During an interview on the CBS pregame show that aired Sunday morning, Patriots owner Robert Kraft had a tone of near disbelief regarding how his quarterback position has played out in the first season in two decades without Tom Brady.

“I tell you, I can’t understand how he was on the market for 86 days,” Kraft said of Newton. “Sometimes when you meet people who are No. 1 picks in the league, they’re not always team-first kind of guys. And he really is. Our whole locker room feels it.”

The bulk of the CBS interview revolved around Kraft’s work in the area of social justice, both in the past and during this tumultuous time, with the New England owner revealing that he’s learned a lot in that area in recent months.

“I thought I understood a little bit about discrimination because of the religion I was born into,” Kraft, who is Jewish, told CBS. “But it wasn’t until the George Floyd incident…having our players telling us that their parents had to tell them how to dress if they go to an ATM machine, how they act if they’re stopped by the police. It just completely changed me. It made me understand that I have to also be a better listener.”