Patriots coaches address Cam Newton's mechanics, why he's not throwing to right side


When it comes to Cam Newton's struggles of late, a lot has been made of his throwing mechanics and not throwing to the right side of the field (none vs. 49ers, three times vs. Broncos).

These were major topics when speaking with Patriots coaches, including Josh McDaniels and Jedd Fisch on Tuesday.

As for the lack of throws to the right side of the field, the coaches aren't looking too much into it.

“Sometimes I think it’s maybe more of a coincidence than planning. Again, relative to being right-handed, left-handed in the formationing, setting the protections certain ways can certainly impact where the ball ends up going," McDaniels said. "There’s certainly no intent on just putting the ball in a certain spot on the field. We’re aware of that, and we’ll make sure we do the right things. I think the most important thing is to do the right thing based on the team you’re playing and the matchups you have and we’ll see how that all plays out this week.”

Fisch added: “I think that has really just been the way the plays have developed. There’s guys on both sides of the field that are part of each play and we’re not really cutting half the field off. I think it’s more than anything just the way the last couple of weeks have worked themselves out — where the balls have landed, where the throws have gone, where he’s maybe had to get out of the pocket. I think that just happens to be coincidence than circumstance.”

When it comes to mechanics, McDaniels said it's something that is worked on every day.

“I think that’s a never-ending process," he said. "Quarterback mechanics are like a golf swing. If you take a little time away or if you’re unable to work at it for a little bit, certainly it could impact you. I think getting back to practice and good habits and good routines on the practice field and working the drills that we work, I would hope that would definitely help any player, regardless of the position. And I would also say, like I said before, the passing game is an 11-person product. Certainly, the quarterback plays a huge role in that, but there’s a lot of other people that have an impact on whether or not we have success. We can all do things better that we haven’t done as well as we need to. We’re going to work on those, and I know that Cam Newton is going to work on everything that he needs to work on to continue to be a productive part of our offense.”

Newton and the Patriots will take on the Bills in Buffalo this Sunday.