Bob Kravitz, reporter who broke Deflategate story, admits a few mistakes he made afterwards


Bob Kravitz is well-known in these parts as the reporter who broke the Deflategate story six years ago.

The Indianapolis-based columnist, who now writes for The Athletic, wrote a column this week, citing the “Four Games in Fall" documentary on the subject, reexamining the story and how it all went down, as well as a few regrets he has.

The column begins by telling the story of how he got the scoop just before leaving Gillette Stadium after the AFC title game, but after sending the original tweet he was up all night worrying about if his source was right or not.

It was confirmed by the league the next morning it was investigating the Patriots for what happened in the game with the footballs and he was able to breath a sigh of relief.

Kravitz also admits a few mistakes he made after the fact.

“In the months to come, I made some mistakes, but reporting the existence of the investigation wasn’t one of them,” he wrote.

One of them was tweeting Bill Belichick should not be allowed to coach in the Super Bowl following Chris Mortensen’s report (which has been proven wrong) that “11 of the New England Patriots’ 12 game balls were inflated significantly below the NFL’s requirements.”

"That’s a pitch I wish I had back," he wrote.

There was one more thing he wishes he had done differently.

"My other regret is I failed to remain above the fray," he wrote, noting how he was getting crushed on Twitter, including by members of the Boston media.

Kravitz did not like that his family was brought into it on the social media platform.

As for if he still believes the Patriots were guilty?

"Six years later, there is a seed – just a seed – of doubt," he closed.