Rodney Harrison's honest assessment of Patriots: 'They are lost'


Rodney Harrison always told it as it is when he was a player and he's still the same as an analyst for NBC Sports.

Speaking Sunday night following the 33-6 loss to the 49ers, Harrison gave his honest assessment of the Patriots and he didn't hold back, including going after Bill Belichick.

"Well, they are really bad," he said. "I think Coach Belichick, he didn’t do a good job of preparing his team. I mean, you look at how this team has played in consecutive weeks, even dating back to Kansas City when Brian Hoyer didn’t know the situation, it just seems like they are lost.

"Cam [Newton] has lost his confidence. I remember Cam coming out and playing with so much confidence, throwing the ball around against Seattle, but all of a sudden, Cam, he can’t even complete a pass. He’s throwing interceptions. That is the one thing Belichick preaches about, and you look at the wide receivers, they are average at best. He’s done a really poor job of surrounding Cam with weapons on the outside. I look at Julian [Edelman], his knee is shot. You watch the tape and he can’t push off, he doesn’t have any power.

"You have to look at the orchestrator, you have to look at Coach Belichick, they have to do a better job.”

The Patriots will travel to Buffalo this coming Sunday.