Tom Brady responds to Bruce Arians' criticism of him following loss to Saints


Immediately following the Buccaneers’ loss to the Saints, Tampa Bay head coach Bruce Arians said Tom Brady’s two interceptions were both on the quarterback.

A day later, Arians said only one of them was his fault, but still seemed to publicly criticize the 43-year-old's play in the game.

"He looked like Tom Brady in practice all the time so it’s kind of unusual to see that in a ballgame because they didn’t do things that we didn’t get ready for,” he said. “Everything they did we thought we were ready for.”

While Bill Belichick surely criticized Brady, he never did through the media.

Speaking at his weekly press conference Thursday, Brady was asked about Arians’ comments.

“He’s the coach. I’m a player. Just trying to win a game,” he said to reporters.

Arians’ speaking through the media is just another adjustment Brady will be forced to make with his new team.

Tampa Bay hosts Carolina on Sunday.