More clarity on Tom Brady's role with how plays are called in Tampa Bay


Speaking to NFL Media's Michael Silver, Bruce Arians said Tom Brady picks all the plays in Tampa Bay, which some took the wrong way as the Bucs are catering too much to their quarterback.

On Dale & Keefe Wednesday, Dale Arnold gave more clarity on the process going on down in Tampa, which isn't really different from what happened in New England.

“They go to Tom with play groups, plays for different situations — this is during the week as they are game-planning for the game. Tom says which ones he’s comfortable with, which ones he’s not," he said. "During two-minute drill calls on the line, he’s making all of those calls, other than that it all comes from the sidelines from plays he has already given the OK to. He’s picking the plays he’s OK’ing and not OK’ing, but they are making the calls from the sidelines.

“I was also told it’s the same way they were done in New England, up until two years ago.”

Reports are that two years ago Bill Belichick and Brady stopped having their weekly meetings, but one would assume Josh McDaniels was still speaking with Brady on which plays he liked/didn't like on a weekly basis.

“I was also told, it’s Tampa’s play book, but Tom gets to pick from it," Arnold added.

Tampa Bay is on its bye week.