What Bill Belichick said to Patriots in locker room following win over Raiders


While it wasn't perfect by any means, the Patriots came away with a 36-30 win over the Raiders Sunday afternoon at Gillette Stadium.

Courtesy of Patriots.com, here is what Bill Belichick said to the team in the locker room immediately following the game.

“That’s more of the way we need to play and want to play,” he said. “Good job on the offensive line — some changes there. The backs did a hell of job running the ball. They could not tackle you guys. 250 yards on the ground. Receivers blocking, backs running, line blocking on the outside — did a lot of good things there.

"Defensively, turned the ball over. Scored on defense. Complementary football — score, kickoff, tackle them inside the 10, get a block in the back penalty, strip sack for a touchdown. That’s what I’m talking about with complementary football. All three units working together.

"That was a good week. We need another good week. We prepare to go to Kansas City. We’ll need our best games. We haven’t had it yet. We need it. It’s time to come through.”

The Patriots will travel to Kansas City next Sunday.