Cam Newton explains why people are making a big deal of him as a passer


One of the bigger storylines with Cam Newton this season is him as a passer.

Newton is completing 71.4 percent of his passes for 552 yards through two games.

Appearing on The Greg Hill Show Tuesday, the Patriots quarterback said he hasn’t done anything different, he just has more eyes on him this year than ever before.

“I wouldn’t say it is anything different,” he said. “I think a lot of people are just more aware of what I am doing. I have probably been a storyline here ever since I have been affiliated with the Patriots and that is understood, but at the end of the day more eyes have been on me possibly more than [any point in my career] because of the market, obviously because of the team, obviously because of other circumstances that I don’t necessarily care about or don’t mind. When people see you do things they said you couldn’t do, it becomes a shocker.”

Newton also got into who he is as a football player, which he would describe as a football player who just happens to play quarterback.

“I play this game and I prepare for this game probably like no other player because I have to have the endurance like a wide receiver. I have to have the physical toughness as a running back and just the intuitiveness and being cerebral like a quarterback,” he said. “I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a quarterback, I more or less would call myself a football player that just happens to play quarterback. When people see that it is foreign to them, especially the way and how I run and play the football.

"I have been playing like this for years. I’ve just [haven’t] had the opportunity to throw it as much, I just have to do a better job protecting the football and as long as I do that I know that Coach will intrust in me to have the ball in my hands.”