Jermaine Wiggins: This is Tom Brady's most important game of football career


Tom Brady and the Bucs will take on Drew Brees and the Saints in the NFC Divisional round.

New Orleans has won both matchups this season, including 38-3 in Week 9's matchup.

On Friday's The Greg Hill Show, when previewing the game, Jermaine Wiggins called it the most important game of Brady's career.

“For Tom Brady, you could say this, that as he sits in his mansion down in Tampa, this is the most important game of his NFL, not even NFL, but his football career," he said.

And exactly why is that?

“Because it’s all about he’s been tied to Bill Belichick and winning championships and winning big games for his whole career," Wiggins said. "Now he’s in a position where he went to a place and the expectations for Brady and that team went through the roof. You are now in a position where it is the divisional game, a game that everybody expects you to have won prior to the season starting. … Now, if you lose in the divisional game against a team that has already beat you twice during the regular season and beat you badly, now you know what the national narrative becomes? Brady can’t do it without Bill Belichick.”