Winners Club Week 11 picks: The 'Joey Covers' phenomenon


Last week we did three things differently:

1.    All three of us were in different places for the entire podcast which somehow resulted in the best chemistry we’ve ever had.

2.    We listened to a lunch lady give a pump-up speech

3.    We rattled through all three of each of our picks instead of going around the horn.

Let’s see how these three changes impacted our week.

Here's how we (42-49-1 on the year) did this week (4-5):

·         Mut (0-3 on the week) found out possibly for the second year in a row that you can’t just bet on Russell Wilson every single week and always expect free money. Likewise, you can’t just bet on Nick Foles. (15-14-1 on the year)

·         Scheim (2-1 on the week) had the 3-0 potentially robbed from him by the monsoon that clipped the Ravens’ wings in Foxboro. Along with a narrow half point hit on the over in PIT/CIN, Scheim continued to ride Tua as the Dolphins covered yet again. (16-14 on the year)

·        I (2-1 on the week) hit on some picks and we will leave any potentially gloating and/or victory laps at that. Those picks were the Giants and the Buccaneers. The Joe Burrow “Joey Covers” phenomenon, which we address in this episode, appears to only work against teams that aren’t the best teams in the league. (11-19 on the year)

Here are our picks for Week 11:

Mut: PHI + 3 @ CLE; OVER 46.5 WAS/CIN; LAC -9 VS NYJ

Scheim: GB +2 @ IND, MIA -3.5 @ DEN, o48.5 TEN/BAL

John: ATL +4.5 @ NO; BAL -6 v TEN; CIN +1.5 @ WAS

Tweet us videos of you making a pick or picks for this week and we’ll play it in the audience picks recap on next week’s episode! Also tweet us screenshots from your DraftKings app of any bets you made this week.

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