Chaim Bloom on fans' pessimism regarding Red Sox: 'This is a time for hope, for renewal'


It was quite a way to start a Sunday morning press conference.

Legendary radio man Jonny Miller kicked off Chaim Bloom's availability from Fort Myers, Fla. with the kind of pointed question that was on a longtime Red Sox' fans' minds.

Miller: "Chaim, I haven't seen the fans or the media be this pessimistic about the Red Sox since 1964."

A smiling Bloom: "What's the question?"

Miller: "Why should they feel optimistic?"

Bloom: That’s a good question. First of all, Jonny it’s good to see you fully clothed. (Note: This was in reference to a previous Zoom interview.) Look, I would say this: I think granted 2020 did not go the way anybody wanted and I know there have been a lot of things over the last year plus that have been downers for our fan base and really for our organization. It’s easy for that for people to look past the talent that is on this roster and I don’t think anybody should. The frontline talent that we have can play with anybody and we’ve added over the course of the winter a lot of interesting depth, a lot of guys who can do a lot of interesting thing in the field. We’re more versatile. We’re more athletic. Our pitching staff is deeper. I don’t want the stain of last year to have people look past the talent that we have. We’re here in spring training. This is a time for hope, for renewal. Last year was what it was and I think one of the things about spring training, I know as soon as I get out of here there are going to be 10 different issues. I know that we have just been through a long, cold winter. But it’s important for us to take the time to take a breath, feel lucky that we get to do this and see all the possibility. See what could be out there when we look at the talent that we have and we see the way these guys are gelling early in camp. There is a lot of talent here so I’m excited what this group can accomplish."

According to FanDuel, the Red Sox enter spring training with the 20th-best odds to win the World Series.