Jackie Bradley Jr. reacts to not being a Gold Glove finalist


You could make a case for Jackie Bradley Jr. to win a Gold Glove Award pretty much every year. You certainly expect to at least see the Red Sox center fielder as a finalist.

Bradley has actually won the award just once, though, in 2018. This year, he is surprisingly not even one of the three finalists for the American League center field spot.

Bradley was beat out by Minnesota's Byron Buxton, Oakland's Ramon Laureano and Chicago's Luis Robert.

Bradley reacted on Twitter by quote-tweeting a tweet from MiLB.com's Sam Dykstra that pointed out that Bradley tied with Robert for the MLB lead among center fielders in Outs About Average.

"I just don't understand, and I have yet to have anyone from any analytics department explain to me how they 'calculate' the 'numbers' or better yet how can you physically improve on them as a player," Bradley tweeted.

While the message may seem a little odd given that the initial tweet supports the notion that Bradley should've been a finalist, it's possible Bradley is referring to another defensive metric that was used to determine the finalists.

Due to the compressed schedule this season, the Gold Glove qualifications were amended to rely solely on the SABR Defensive Index. Apparently Bradley didn't grade out as well there, although we won't know for sure until the final ratings are released when the Gold Glove winners are announced on Nov. 3.

No other Red Sox were among the Gold Glove finalists this year, either.