The Red Sox' Randy Arozarena reminder


Nobody is going to compare Yairo Munoz to Randy Arozarena. That would be silly.

As we sit here, Arozarena is one of the best major league players still playing major league baseball, having just set the MLB record for most hits in a postseason.

But the current Rays star does offer a reminder when looking at one of his former teammates, Munoz.

This was evident when listening to Red Sox' hitting coach Tim Hyers talk about Munoz on a soon-to-be-released edition of the Bradfo Sho podcast, analyzing the outfielder's 12 games with Boston this past season.

"He has the ingredients and to me as a hitting coach it's what he swings at," Hyers said of the 25-year-old Munoz, who hit .333 with an .844 OPS 44 at-bats (not walking once). "He's a very aggressive hitter and he can put bat to ball, but as they make adjustments to him, the league, and they see what they can and what he can't do can he make those adjustments to be consistent.

"We talk around the cages that it's surviving. Survive the day. Survive the week. Survive for certain pitchers that you don't match up with very well with. Can you make those adjustments. That's what we're trying to work with him on. That's our responsibility with him to help him see some of the things that teams are doing to him. But talent-wise, he has the talent to hit. He's got bat speed. He's got bat-to-ball skills. He's aggressive. He's got lot of things you like, but can you put those things together consistently day in and day out? The jury is out."

It seems like a similar conversation many were having regarding Arozarena prior to the outfielder's breakout 2020.

"It sure is," Hyers agreed.

"You look at the World Series right now. The pitches that he's laying off of. He's getting pitches in his zone and, wow, he's doing damage with it. I know that's a key to all hitters, but he has talent to impact the game and that's what we're looking for. He was a pleasant surprise to be that consistent for the time that he played and I'm excited or it."

The Arozarena/Munoz link stretches beyond age (Munoz is one month and three days older) and potential.

In 2017's Prospect Watch listed Arozarena as the Cardinals' No. 9 prospect, with Munoz coming in one spot behind.

The current Tampa Bay star got his big chance after being dealt to the Rays last offseason. Meanwhile, Munoz might have put himself in position to get a crack at showing an intriguing offensive skill-set after the Red Sox identified him as a right-handed-hitting option in their outfield equation.

If the Red Sox stay lefty-heavy in their outfield, there is a scenario -- based off what Munoz showed during his first go-round in the Red Sox' organization -- where he slips into the same sort of role earmarked for Kevin Pillar last season.

"Munoz is probably one of my favorite guys this summer," said Worcester Red Sox manager Billy McMillon. "He was always happy. A ton of energy. He would play anywhere. Right before he got called up we kind of thought he might have to get to some more exposure to the outfield so for the last couple of days before he got called up we had him in the outfield.

"He's got a cannon. He's very aggressive at the plate. And he's very emotional. It was a delight to see him every day and interact with him. You could see why he had as much time in the big leagues as he had just because of how he goes about his business. I really liked being around Munoz this summer."

The Cardinals' loss was the Rays gain. Now maybe it's the Red Sox' turn.