Beltran On WFAN: New Mets Manager Wants To Create Positive Environment


Carlos Beltran aspires to be a player's manager. 

Beltran, introduced as the 22nd manager in Mets' history, wants to have an open dialogue with his team. He is focused on making the Citi Field clubhouse a comfortable setting with the help of a familiar face as he enters his managerial gig of his career. 

The former Mets outfielder joined Mike Francesa hours after his introduction to discuss the environment he hopes to implement in his first year on the job. 

"I want a two-way street relationship," Beltran said. "I will give them the best I have, and I expect them to give me the best that they have. At the end of the day, there are certain rules that you need to have in order to have control of your clubhouse. Most importantly, I want my players to have fun. I want to create a good environment for them.

"When it comes time to come to the ballpark, I don't want them to think twice - that they really enjoy going to work and going to prepare because that's what we need. We need passionate players that are willing to play for the city of New York."

Beltran credits former Mets manager Terry Collins as one of his many former managers to leave an impact over his 20-year career. Beltran spent the first half of the 2011 season under Collins before being traded to San Francisco. He saw the value in a manager's successful relationship is with his team. 

"Terry was very passionate about the game of baseball," Beltran said. "Very energetic. I feel that when I played for him, he was one of our guys. It felt like the energy he brought to the ballpark was very positive and I really enjoyed that. There is no doubt that I understand that, as a manager, you have to be able to have those qualities. You can send those messages to the players but at the same time, you have to relate to them."

Collins, who works in the Mets front office, is one of the rumored candidates to join Beltran's staff. Beltran is focused on bringing people who are "good coaches but also good people to our organization." He says the Mets' brass still has to go through the process of speaking with possible candiates and wouldn't say if the job is Collins' to lose. 

"Terry Collins has called me a couple of times," Beltran said. "We have talked about baseball. He says he wants to mentor me as being a new manager. Right now he works for the organization, I don't know his plans but there is - he has mentioned and been clear that he wants to mentor me throughout this process."

Beltran also broke down his expectations for Edwin Diaz, who struggled mightily with a 5.59 ERA in his first season with the Mets. 

"Coming from a small market team to a big market team in New York, there is adjustments you have to make," Beltran said. "There is a process you have to go through. I do believe he's going to be better this year. He's working hard. I'm already having conversation with him and we talked a little bit. He's looking forward for this year so I believe it's going to be a great year for him."

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