Evan Roberts: Jets Fans Are Stuck With Adam Gase And His Lousy Game Planning

By WFAN Sports Radio 101.9 FM/66AM New York

Jets fans received a stark reminder Sunday of what kind of coach Adam Gase is, WFAN's Evan Roberts said.

Gang Green saw their three-game winning streak snapped in Cincinnati against the previously winless Bengals, 22-6.

On his show with co-host Joe Benigno on Monday, Roberts took aim at Gase's game planning.

"What yesterday was, was not just a reminder of who this franchise is, which we get that reminder every year, it was a reminder of who this head coach is," Roberts said. "And I know -- just like you know, just like everybody knows -- that we're going to deal with this guy for another year. He's going to be back next year. But get used to this because this is who he is. He hates running the football, hated it in Miami, didn't want (running back Le'Veon) Bell on this team. Well, you know what? Bell's not even on this team. Don't worry about it, Adam. He's not on this team. You basically didn't give him the football yesterday."

Going up against the NFL's last-ranked rush defense, the Jets failed to reach the red zone and attempted just 17 runs. Bell had 10 carries for 32 yards.

"You have a head coach who is supposed to be an offensive guru, who I think over the last three weeks maybe people forgot how overrated this head coach actually is," Roberts said. "Maybe you forgot. Maybe you thought, 'Oh wow, maybe he knows what he's doing. Maybe this guy's not actually half bad.' And yet, not only do they not run the football enough against a run defense that's terrible, every run was straight up the middle -- the strength of the Bengals' lousy defense.

Jets coach Adam Gase watches during a game against the Bengals on Dec. 1, 2019, at Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati. David Kohl/USA TODAY Images

"To make matters worse, after the game I'm thinking, 'Well, maybe this brilliant Einstein of NFL offenses, maybe he's going to give me a good answer.' ... He actually tells the people that are watching, that actually want to hear from this head coach, 'This is what the game was dictating.' What? You dictate the game! You are the guy who can dictate whatever you want!"

The Jets became the first team in NFL history to lose to two previously winless teams that had played at least seven games -- they also fell to the 0-7 Dolphins on Nov. 3.

Benigno called it "typical Jets."

"I'll know we finally have something when they don't lose games like this anymore," Benigno said. " ... There has not been a coach in the history of this franchise that has not lost a game like we saw yesterday. When you think they've got something going -- three wins in a row, they're playing well, they're putting big numbers on the board offensively -- and then they play the worst team in the league -- a team that had not won a single game -- and they made them look like the Patriots. How many times have you seen the Jets do that over and over and over and over again?"

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