Mike Francesa: Daniel Jones Won't Be Giants' Savior In First Year


Giants head coach Pat Shurmur made the decision to shake up his team on Tuesday: Daniel Jones is in and Eli Manning is out.

Jones was tabbed as the Giants' starter for their Week 3 meeting with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, replacing longtime starter and veteran Manning. Manning has thrown for 556 yards and two touchdowns through two weeks, but has yet to lead the Giants to a win this season. The Giants have been outscored 63-31 this season as the team turns to Jones. 

WFAN's Mike Francesa expressed that Jones won't be the Giants' savior in the upcoming weeks, citing that quarterbacks rarely find significant success in their first year as a starter. 

"Go back to last winter when I screamed for month, "Do not bring two quarterbacks in here. Either draft a quarterback or put it all behind Eli and draft him help. One or the other. Do not take your assets and waste them." And what did he do? He did exactly the wrong thing," Francesa said. "Now he has his rookie quarterback. If you think he's going to be a savior, you're out of your mind. That's not an indictment of him. Good, great, hall of fame quarterbacks - I've watched them break in for 40 years - they're all terrible in their first year.

"Great quarterbacks are bad in their first year so quarterbacks just have to show you a glimmer of talent that they're the real thing. They are not saviors, so if you think this team is going to be transformed by Daniel Jones, you're clueless. This is a bad team, which will be run by a youngster who will make first-year mistakes ... Do not use [Patrick> Mahomes as an example. He's a gifted kid with a great arm, who went into a brilliant offense with a brilliant head coach and a great ready-made lineup. 

The Giants had trouble in Manning's rookie season in 2004. Manning led the team to 1-6 — throwing for 1, 043 yards and adding six touchdowns — after replacing Kurt Warner as the team's starting QB after nine games. Manning carries a no-trade clause and will receive $17 million this season before he is set to hit unrestricted free agency next year.

Shurmur's decision to bench Manning isn't one that's too surprising especially after the Giants selected Jones sixth overall at the NFL Draft, but it's still one that's arguably a bit surreal to process. Manning's resume with New York speaks for itself highlighted by his two Super Bowl victories against New England. 

"Once Daniel Jones arrived, Eli was no longer the quarterback," Francesa said. "Because everything in their future was tied to [Jones>, not to Eli. Eli was yesterday's news. Has this team played well in the first two weeks? No. Was it all Eli's fault? No ... They have no wide receivers right now. The wide receivers they brought here aren't here. Their top three wide receivers didn't play in the game last week. But now it's not about that anymore. Now here's what they are — a terrible team with a first-year quarterback."

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