Mike Francesa: Gase And Shurmur Lack Awareness Of How To Be Head Coaches

By WFAN Sports Radio 101.9 FM/66AM New York

As the Jets and Giants get set for their Week 10 matchup with a combined record of 3-14 on the year, it highlights the sad state of football in New York. Both teams have been unable to find leadership that can shake the look of organizational dysfunction

“The coach, he doesn’t even seem connected in any way to the franchise,” Mike Francesa said of the Jets’ Adam Gase during his Wednesday show on WFAN.According to Francesa, it’s becoming a league-wide epidemic for coordinators turned NFL head coaches to focus on just one side of the football.

“It has become a huge problem in this league and it is never more pronounced than it is with these two coaches,” Mike said referring to the Jets’ Adam Gase and the Giants’ Pat Shurmur.

Jets coach Adam GaseBillie Weiss/Getty Images

“These guys get so hung-up in their units of expertise that they have no idea how to run the whole team. We have gotten so far from what we call head coaches, we saw great head coaches in this town, but these guys don’t have any awareness of what their job is as a head coach.”

While teams might hire a coordinator as their head coach because of previous success working with an offense or defense, responsibilities expand when you’re a head coach.

“Your job is not to throw yourself into your unit and ignore the rest of the team," Francesa added. “His job is the team, he’s the head coach, if he wants to throw himself into the offense then go get a job as a quarterbacks coach or a coordinator.”

Handling the media, player contracts and ownership are all areas of the organization that a head coach needs to be involved in. An NFL head coach can not wait for problems to come to them, they need to be proactive in correcting potential issues within the organization. Shurmur and Gase have proven to be successful offensive coordinators in their coaching careers, but they haven’t shown an ability to lead an NFL franchise.

Shurmur has a career head coaching record of 17-41, Gase is 24-33 while winning just one out of his last 11 games.

The New York Giants are 10-31 since the start of 2017. No NFL team has lost more games during that span and the Jets aren’t far behind at 10-30. According to Francesa, it’s difficult to produce that kind of losing in the NFL.

“The league is built to keep teams in the middle. When you can’t even get near the middle year after year, you really stink, you are really bad at what you do,” Mike said. “It’s hard to win in this league it’s not hard to be 8-8.”

Even with the ineptitude of both teams, there's still intrigue for Sunday’s Jets/Giants matchup. “How inept can they make this game?” that's what people want to see Francesa said.