Mike Francesa: John Mara, Steve Tisch Need To Get On Same Page

By WFAN Sports Radio 101.9 FM/66AM New York

Giants co-owner Steve Tisch was straightforward when he spoke out on his team's disappointing year. 

Tisch told WNBC's Bruce Beck it's been a "frustrating" season for the Giants, who sit at the bottom of the NFC East standings with three wins and 10 losses. The underwhelming season, which saw Daniel Jones take the starting job from Eli Manning as well as a slew of injuries to key players, will force Tisch and fellow co-owner John Mara to evaluate how the Giants can successfully move forward. 

It isn't a normal occurrence for Tisch to speak out about the state of the Giants. Tisch was often silent throughout the majority of the season, while Mara - despite recent silence handled the media regarding football operations. WFAN's Mike Francesa believes the pair needs to come together and examine the specific issues within the organization. 

"They need to get on the same page," Francesa said during Tuesday's episode of "Mike's On" "... and decide how they are going to restructure this Giant organization. That doesn’t just deal with general manager. That deals with general manager, coach, every facet of how you do your organization. Every single part has to be examined."

Tisch indicated he and Mara need to be "very honest" in order to address the team's deepest issues. Francesa recalled the two had previously clashed on a few situations; with former head coach Tom Coughlin as the subject "more than once." 

"You wonder now if they are even on the same page," Francesa said during "Mike's On" Tuesday. "That could be part of the problem because I believe there are a lot of parts to this problem. We get on Gettleman and Shurmur, rightfully so, but the Giants problems run deeper than that right now. They run right through the structure of this organization.

“This organization has to decide how it's going to be as far as how it runs itself as a football entity and that's where the owners come in." 

Francesa praised the "seamless" partnership between Wellington Mara and Bob Tisch when they were in control of the team. It hasn't been quite the same case for their sons, who are tasked with righting the ship.  

"The Giants have fallen off the track in every way possible, which is why they are where they are right now," Francesa said. "At the bottom of the league and staring down the No. 1 pick, having the worst record in the NFL since the start of the 2017 season.

“We haven't heard a word from John Mara ... but this today jumped out at me because this shows the problems run even deeper than you might think they do. Those problems at the top with Mara and Tisch have to be settled before anything else can be settled because they have to agree on where they're taking the franchise."

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