Joe Girardi Wants To Manage Again In Majors


Former Yankees manager and MLB Network analyst Joe Girardi joined Mike Francesa on WFAN Tuesday in his weekly spot. 

Everyone around the league has talked about Girardi for potential managerial openings in the big leagues. The Mets are one of those teams that could be looking at Girardi to take Mickey Callaway's job. 

While they didn't discuss the Mets job exactly, Girardi discussed taking over as manager during a season versus the beginning of a new season. 

"I think there's advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of going into a job in the middle of the season ... start fresh the following year, you have a much better idea of what you got in your system and as far as on the field. In the 2019 season I think it's a little more difficult because you don't have any relationships with the players and you're trying to turn it around right away without having any relationships.

If you get a job during the season, are you eyeing next year or turning it around?

"No you're going to try and turn it around as soon as possible and get the club going in the right direction and see if you can get into a Wild Card race or even a division race. You're going to try and turn it around right away."

Taking over a team before the season begins definitely has its advantages. 

"If you walk in at the beginning of a spring training, you got six weeks to develop that relationship and really have a good idea of what you have. I think it gives you a much bigger advantage in 2020. I do. 

"You hope that you can get team going in right direction and let's see what happens. It's unfortunate that managers are going through this. I was even rumored for the Westminster job in South Florida high school. The rumors don't mean anything. I was not going back to high school to coach. I was not going to do that." 

Girardi answered "yes I do" when asked if he wants to manage again in the majors. Is it different managing now versus 10 years ago?

"I think there's a lot more information available. If you like the information, I think it's a lot of fun. I like the information so I enjoy it. I don't really think it's harder or easier. You get in the game and you do your thing and you put the guys in the best situation to be successful. I don't think that part is ever going to change. I think there's a lot more information to help you make those decisions." 

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Do you expect to get input on lineups or want to be in charge?

"I asked all the time when I was with the Yankees. I would go to the analytical department and say 'hey give me an idea for a lineup today.' I did it all the time. You have to make the decision at the end because people are going to have different ideas. You can have five different analytical guys give you five different lineups. I want all the input I can get. I think it makes me make a better educated decision." 

Analytics have become a big part of today's game.

"I've always loved the information. I used analytics when I caught. That was the bottom line. I thought it gave me the best chance to be successful in the fingers that I put down. There's always the human element to it. You can make a decision that is based purely on numbers and it may not work that day. That's because the human element. It doesn't mean it wasn't a good decision. 

Girardi shed some light on how he likes and how he would manage a bullpen.

"That you don't wear them out and that they have proper rest and you don't overuse certain guys. By saying that, you have to have a lot of depth in your bullpen. It seems to me what I'm seeing is teams are rotating bullpens so much and they're being so much that sometimes the eighth, ninth, and 10th guys are getting hit a lot and you don't always have the good fifth, sixth and seventh guy because maybe they were sent down. That's where options hurt you. I think they're being used more now and I think there's more familiarity with guys." 

You can hear the entire conversation with Girardi and Francesa in the audio player above.