Joe Girardi: Wheeler Trade Still In Play


MLB Network analyst Joe Girardi joined WFAN's Mike Francesa Tuesday in his weekly spot to talk about the prospects of Wheeler still potentially getting dealt before the July 31 trade deadline. 

"If it's just shoulder fatigue, yes I could," the former Yankees manager told Francesa. "I would have to take a look at all the medicals, but if that's all it is and there's no tears in there, I could. I just think it's a red flag. I don't think it's a complete disqualifier. How many guys are available that are really quality starters? I think he's still in play then." 

Wheeler and Jason Vargas are definitely on the trade block, but the Noah Syndergaard rumors could hold until the offseason. 

"I don't see the Mets moving Syndergaard," said Girardi. "I see the Mets moving a Wheeler or a Vargas, but not Syndergaard. I see Vargas as helping you get to the playoffs. I don't know how much he would do in the playoffs, because I don't know if he would be in their rotation. He might be on a team that is just a one and done." 

The Mets are somehow just 5.5 games back of the second NL Wild Card spot. Can they somehow really get back in the playoff race at 42-51? 

"If the Mets have their rotation in order and they go through the turn twice and they all pitch well, I don't think it's that crazy farfetched for them to go 8-2." Girardi said. "I really don't. It's can they get their rotation back together and can they all pitch well?" 

Switching to the Yankees, Aroldis Chapman blew a save Monday night, giving up a homer to Travis d'Arnaud to blow a two-run lead in the 9th inning. Girardi knows Chapman very well, managing him in the Bronx. 

"I just think that his 100, 101 is not so rare now. Everyone seems to throw 97, 98, 99, so I think he does need something else. I actually would have liked to see him throw it in a couple situations last night that he didn't. I don't think Kiermaier had a chance on him.

"The Yankees got beat by a Yankee home run ... a Yankee field home run. I think Chapman is just fine. I just think it's one night. For me, I'm not worried about him at all."

You can hear the entire interview with the former Yankees catcher and manager in the audio player above.