Mike Francesa: Giants Have Become The 'Doormat' Of The NFL

By WFAN Sports Radio 101.9 FM/66AM New York

The Giants have a proud history, but they don’t have a proud recent history.

Since the franchise’s victory over the Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI in 2012, the Giants have only made the playoffs once. Pat Shurmur’s team struggled to a 5-11 record last year, and this year might be even worse.

Green Bay came into town and ran riot at MetLife Stadium on Sunday. It was the eighth loss in a row for the Giants, a feat they hadn’t achieved since 2004.

Mike Francesa began his show on WFAN on Monday by lamenting the fact that a historic franchise like the Giants has become the “doormat” of the NFL.

“One of the real hallmark franchises of this league is now officially the NFL doormat,” said Francesa. “Eight straight losses. Ten wins in its last 44 games. It’s taken a lot of people a long time to join the bandwagon, but after what they’ve watched, obviously his (Shurmur) support has completely eroded, and how wouldn’t it?”

This season has gone south so quickly that the Giants now actually have a shot at the top pick in next year’s NFL draft. The 1-11 Bengals are the only team with a record worse than theirs, but those Bengals could be rejuvenated after a win over the other perennial struggling team from New York City.

No one expected the Giants to make the playoffs, but there was hope that the young squad would show growth over the course of the campaign. Instead, Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley, the key building blocks of the future, have each struggled to play to the best of their ability over the past couple weeks.

Pat ShurmurUSA TODAY Images

Francesa thinks Shurmur should be fired, but he also thinks general manager Dave Gettleman should be dismissed as well.

“It just shouldn’t be him. The general manager should be right there next to him … the Tampa game … the Giants got a win that they pounded their chests on like they were on their way to the playoffs. They haven’t won a game since. That was September.”

The horrendous eight-game losing streak since that game in Tampa Bay has put the Giants in an embarrassing position.

“The Mets have won since the Giants have, and the Mets haven’t been playing in a while. The Giants didn’t win in October. They didn’t win in November. The question is: will they win before Santa arrives?”

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