Mike Francesa: Our City Is Being Pitied From A Football Standpoint Across The Country

By WFAN Sports Radio 101.9 FM/66AM New York

It isn't quite a pleasant time to be a football fan in the New York-New Jersey area. 

The Jets' downfall continued at the hands of the Miami Dolphins. While the Giants fell to the Dallas Cowboys on Monday night 37-18. Now, the Giants and Jets meet in a matchup guaranteed to make one fan base content with a win.

Mike Francesa looked ahead to the meeting and discussed the potential ramifications for whichever head coach comes out on the losing end of next Sunday's meeting. 

"The Giants have won one game in essence this year," Francesa said on 'Mike's On'. "They got a gift from Tampa that should've been a loss. They should have one win like the Jets. When they were 2-2, they were puffing their chest. Except now, they're 2-7 and they get ready to take on the 1-7 Jets in The Inept Bowl on Sunday. 

"Somebody is coming out of that game with a defeat and that guy, you're not going to have a whole good feeling about his job security. You're not going to have a great feeling about either guy's job security but not a lot of good feelings about the job security of the guy who loses this game this week."

As the season enters its latter stages, Francesa declared both local teams have reached their demise in 2019. 

"This season - as we hit the second week of November, the month of decisions," Francesa said. "Well, the decision on this Election Day in New York has already been made and that decision is that our football season is long dead and both of our teams are just god awful. Now this week, one of them finally has to win a game. They figured out a way to get one of them a win in November. They put them against each other because otherwise, it might not have happened."

New York's football teams - excluding the Bills - have combined record of 3-14. The Jets sit in the AFC East's basement while the Giants tread above the 1-8 Redskins in the NFC East. Gang Green and Big Blue are en route to their third and fourth straight losing season, respectively. Francesa says the misfortune makes both teams easy targets for criticism.

"Our city is being pitied from a football standpoint across the country," Francesa said in response to a caller. "Look at New York, mighty New York, these teams can't get out of their own way. Now they play each other. The owners are embarrassed by the whole spectacle of the game.

"The fans might show up with bags over their heads ... because that's the lowest of the low. When your team hits a certain level of being an awful team, you show up with a bag over your head. Well, the whole stadium might show up that way whether you're in green or blue."

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