Mike Francesa On Jets: 'This Is Not A Football Team. This Is A Disgrace'


Jets head coach Adam Gase failed to defeat his former team Sunday afternoon.

New York lost to the then-winless Dolphins, as its record fell to 1-7. Dolphins quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick completed 24 of 36 passes for 288 yards and three touchdowns in the win over Gang Green. The Jets have lost three straight games since their win over the Dallas Cowboys in Week 6.  

WFAN's Mike Francesa says the Jets have no direction and somebody has to "stop the bleeding" as the team prepares for next week's meeting with the Giants.

"You're watching a complete deterioration of this franchise," Francesa said. "You're watching a complete dysfunction. I would never - rarely would I ever say that a coach is actually negative for being here but I believe that with this coach right now. There has to be a functioning process with the team and there's not here ... They are completely without passion. There's no passion here. There are no adjustments here. There's no energy."

Jets quarterback Sam Darnold threw one interception in the loss. Following tight end Ryan Griffin's negated touchdown, Darnold attempted to push the Jets back into the end zone on the next play. Darnold, pressured by multiple Dolphins' defenders, lobbed the pass intended for Jamison Crowder. 

Dolphins cornerback Jomal Wiltz snatched the lightly thrown pass on the one-yard line as Miami preserved its 21-7 lead. Francesa says the second-quarter sequence is a telling sign that Darnold is "regressing in front of everybody's eyes" and is making plays that would result in a benching. 

"You cannot resort to those "give up" plays where you say, 'oh, heck it. I'm just going to flip the ball in the air and see what happens,'" Francesa said. "That can't happen in the NFL. You can do that in high school. You can't do that in the NFL. Sam has got to erase those plays from his game or he will not be a starting quarterback in this league. You can't throw the ball up all over the field wherever you want. He could've thrown that ball out of bounds. He could've turned the ball up and run it. You cannot make that throw."

Francesa says it's up to Gase to rebound from his rough first season with the Jets. 

"You've got to stop the bleeding here," Francesa said. "Either he has to stop the bleeding himself or he's going to bleed out real quick because this is completely dysfunctional. This is not a football team. This is a disgrace. You go down there and lose to a team that doesn't even want to win. But if you're going to give it to them, they'll take it. There is nothing here in any way signals that they are moving in the right direction. That's when you think about as an owner, if you think, that 'I have to do something'. This is not working."

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