Mike Francesa On Jamal Adams' Super Bowl Talk: Why Don't You Start Small?


Mike Francesa isn't buying into Jamal Adams' Super Bowl declaration.

On Thursday, Adams told reporters that he'd met with Jets general manager Joe Douglas and head coach Adam Gase. He'd put aside the drama surrounding the trade deadline and is focused on moving forward. 

Adams expressed his intention and desire to remain a New York Jet. He listed his main goal is to "bring success" and a Super Bowl to the Jets organization — one that hasn't seen a championship since 1968. Francesa says the Jets safety should limit the Super Bowl talk while his team sits tied for last place in the AFC East

"How about leading them to a win first," Francesa said. "Why don't you start small? How about a defensive stand? Sprinkle in a good tackle then lead them to a win. Then we'll let the Super Bowl take care of itself ... He's delusional. You're going to listen to a player on a team that stinks?

Francesa continued with his critique of Adams, who ranks third on the Jets with 43 total tackles and tied for the team lead in interceptions. 

"This guy has such a high opinion of himself," Francesa said. "What he needs is a general manager or a coach who goes to him and says, 'Listen, you've been in the league for 10 minutes. Go out there, play hard and let me run the team and be quiet.' That's what he needs somebody to tell him to do. It's always about him and how he's got a quest and the rest of the team will catch up to him. He's not half as good as he thinks he is."

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