Gio: 'I Am Becoming Impatient With Team Sports'

By WFAN Sports Radio 101.9 FM/66AM New York

The NBA and MLB are both working toward a resolution to resume the 2020 seasons, but hurdles still remain in the way, especially with the MLB as the players and owners squabble over salary for the remainder of the season.

WFAN’s Gregg Giannotti expressed what many fans may be feeling on Thursday’s “Boomer and Gio” – that his patience is running thin.

Gio spoke about how he has watched UFC return over the weekend and how successful it’s been, but then has to hear about the team sports bicker with one another.

“I am now becoming impatient with the team sports,” Gio said. “Let's do it now. Enough. Every day that goes by, the more negative I am about them actually getting on the field. It just seems like road block, road block, road block. ...The reason UFC is more popular than boxing is because there is one guy putting everything together and breaking down every wall and there is not a million people around... He’s like, we’re doing it, screw it, we’re going on TV.

“When it comes to team sports there is so many fricken people that have to get  … this is not even a criticism, just an opinion of the fact I’m not optimistic of team sports happening is because too many people involved with too many opinions and too many sides and for me it is like, is this ever going to happen?"

Boomer pointed to the unions as the reason why things take so long, and added that the owners are not innocent in this battle, either. 

"Owners want you to hate the players because the players are greedy; I'm telling you the owners are just as greedy as the players are," Boomer said. "Because on the other side of things, when it comes to the rights holders, they want their money. They want their money for something they're not providing. So, don't think that the owners by any stretch of imagination are the greatest people in the world. They're not. They want to take from one side and ask for the other side to take less. So, I know that's going on. I think that is a disgrace as well. That is a part of the story that is not being told."