Ex-Giants QB Believes Jason Garrett Will Help Daniel Jones 'Immensely'


Kerry Collins’ five-year tenure with the New York Giants came to an end when he was ostensibly succeeded by Eli Manning; in truth, it was Kurt Warner who started the 2004 season, but Manning, whom Big Blue acquired days before releasing Collins, was the heir apparent to the throne.

That era worked out very well for the Giants, and now, Collins sees big things ahead for the man who is succeeding Eli as he begins work with new Big Blue offensive coordinator Jason Garrett.

“For a young guy like [Daniel] Jones, who has obviously shown a lot of ability, Jason is going to help him immensely, with everything,’’ Collins told The New York Post. “He’s not just going to be an X’s and O’s guy, he’s going to talk about that position and what it means to be successful. I’m really excited to see that combination. I’m sure Jason is going to be heavily involved with Daniel’s development. I just could not think of a better guy to have with Jones right now. His brains, the kind of guy he is, I think that match will be just absolutely phenomenal.’’

Collins is very familiar with Garrett, who was his backup for four seasons (2000-03) in New York. Garrett never threw a pass as a Giant, but he was clearly a strong influence on Collins, who had a tumultuous tenure in Carolina before landing in the Meadowlands. The Giants reached the Super Bowl in the pair’s first season together, and Collins told The Post that his time in New York marked his “favorite years” of the 17 he spent in the NFL.

“First and foremost, just a quality person. Really high-character guy. One of my favorite people I’ve ever played with,” Collins said of Garrett. “He put great perspective on life, football, everything. He was able to really separate the two and keep everything in the proper perspective. From a personal standpoint, on the field, just a tremendous confidant to have. Just unfailingly supportive, a guy you could trust with anything and would help you with anything that was going on.’’

Jones’ first year in the NFL was full of twists and turns, but already, the second one looks to have more stability, and after not having a quarterbacks coach at all in 2019, the Duke product will have not only that coach in Jerry Schuplinski, but also, in Collins’ eyes, a mastermind at the quarterbacking game both on and off the field with Garrett.

“He understood with every play there are so many nuances with it and while, yes, he has the X’s and O’s inside and out and he was a details kind of guy, he just added such a great understanding of what it took to play the position, from a macro level, if that makes sense,’’ Collins said. “That, to me, more than anything was his best attribute as a teammate and as a colleague, as a guy in the room. That’s why I think for a young guy like Jones, who has obviously shown a lot of ability, Jason is going to help him immensely, with everything. I’m really excited to see that combination.’’

Others have chimed in with similar sentiment, including ex-Giants receiver Amani Toomer, who told The Post that Garrett “was always like a coach, even as a teammate,” and former Cowboys quarterback Jon Kitna, who played and coached under Garrett and said that he “does a great job of not over-complicating the game.