Giants Rank No. 2 on Football Outsiders' Under-25 Talent List


It has been a rough couple of years as a Giants fan.

The franchise has made the playoffs just once since the 2011-12 season and has won a total of 12 games over the last three seasons combined.

But perhaps there’s reason to believe the franchise is about to turn around.

ESPN’s Football Outsiders ranked all teams but their 25-and-under talent and the New York Giants came in at No. 2, right behind the Baltimore Ravens.

Yes, you read that right.

With Saquon Barkley and Daniel Jones as the headliners, Will Hernandez and Andrew Thomas anchoring the offensive line, and Dexter Lawrence putting pressure up the middle on the defensive line give the Giants five blue-chip players under the age of 25.

Yet, the future of the Giants rests solely on one player. Here is what Football Outsiders had to say:

“Still, the success or failure of this promising Giants roster will rest on the shoulders of quarterback Daniel Jones. After a modestly productive college career, Jones was the biggest surprise of Gettleman's many surprising draft picks at sixth overall in 2019, nine spots ahead of Dwayne Haskins who many scouts preferred. But at least compared to the historically inefficient Haskins, Jones enjoyed a successful rookie season with middling 62% completion and 53.6 QBR rates. His league-leading 18 fumbles sabotaged his overall efficiency last year but do not erase the promise of his future years.”

The Giants still have concerns on their defense, and an unproven rookie head coach at the helm.

But maybe, just maybe, the future is bright for Big Blue.