Sam Darnold's Biggest Offseason Adjustment? No More In-N-Out


Former Jets head coach Todd Bowles once said as a player he ate McDonald’s four times a week.

But a fast food diet isn’t going to cut it for players these days, just ask Sam Darnold.

The Jets quarterback told reporters on Wednesday he’s made an adjustment to his diet while spending the offseason training out in California.  

“I’m making sure I’m not eating whatever I want to eat. I’m not having In-N-Out every single day and making sure I’m eating good food,” he said, per WFAN’s Brian Costello. “Putting the right things in my body that’s a huge part of it. I’m working out four or five days a week. I don’t have to worry about how much work I put in. It’s really about what I’m putting gin my body.”

Luckily for Darnold, he is back in New Jersey at the Jets facilities and thousands of miles away from the closest In-N-Out.

The 23-year-old is entering his third season in the NFL and a pivotal one. Darnold has shown flashes of his potential, but he still has a knack for turning the ball over and he has yet to play a full 16-game season due to injuries and health issues.

“It’s making sure I’m doing everything I can to make my lower body as strong as possible and making sure my upper body stays loose, I guess for lack of a better term,” he said. “Making sure I’m still staying strong. I want to make sure my arm is ready to go. Keep my arm in shape and keep my core right.”

Le’Veon Bell, entering his second year with Darnold, said he’s noticed a difference, but it was not Darnold’s diet or physical appearance that has struck the running back early on in training camp.

“Sam is a lot more comfortable,” Bell said. “You can tell just by the way he’s talking to guys. It’s more of a sternness to him. … He knows he can hold guys more accountable because he’s not going to mess up. Even with coach [Adam] Gase, he may call something and Sam’s correcting him now. Sam’s getting to that point where he’s really starting to understand the offense. It’s going to be fun. I’m excited.”

Meanwhile, In-N-Out will still be waiting for Darnold when he returns to California after the season.

“Number 1, grilled onions, Neopolitan shake,” he said. “Easy.”

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