Mets Offer Season Ticketholders a Free Cardboard Cutout to Fill Stands at Citi Field


The New York Mets are jumping on the cardboard fan bandwagon…but only if you pledge to bring yourself back to Citi Field in 2021.

As with the San Francisco Giants and several other teams, the Mets will be using cardboard cutouts of fans to fill some of the seats at Citi Field while human (and sometimes canine) fans are not allowed to visit the park, offering season ticket holders one free cutout per seat if they choose to renew their package for 2021.

Of course, as opportunities like this often bring out the worst and/or most juvenile in some people, the Mets do have a list of restrictions, seen below courtesy of WFAN’s own Mets season ticketholder Evan Roberts:

Mets are doing the cutout as fans thing too with some rules...

— Evan Roberts (@EvanRobertsWFAN) July 8, 2020

Even with that list, the Mets also reserve the right to refuse any photos submitted for any reason, so if you’re an overzealous fan who doesn’t want Steve Cohen to buy the team and supports, say, another ownership group candidate, don’t be surprised if the Mets say “it’s outta here!” to your choices of J-Lo and A-Rod as seat-fillers. 

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