Alonso on WFAN: Winning Rookie Of Year Was 'Surreal'


New York Mets fans rejoiced Monday evening when first baseman Pete Alonso was named the 2019 National League Rookie of the Year. He received 29 of 30 first place votes.

Alonso had a special rookie campaign, hitting 53 home runs and finishing with 120 runs batted in. He was also named an NL All-Star and broke New York Yankees slugger Aaron Judge's single season rookie home run record. Judge had 52 home runs in 2017.

He joined WFAN's Mike Francesa to discuss his magical season, winning the ROTY award, etc.

"I had a pretty good feeling (about winning the award) but you can never be too sure about something like that," Alonso said. "Especially when you have high quality competition. To hear that out loud that I won, that it was 100% true, felt unbelievable, totally surreal. It's really hard to wrap my mind around."

Francesa was sure to ask Alonso whether winning the ROTY and everything he has accomplished this season has sunk in.

"Still no.... I thought I'd be able to understand and encapsulate all of it. It's still so much. I have thought about a lot of things. It's really humbling. Winning this award. There are so many amazing ballplayers. It's great company. To be a part of that is humbling. It's hard work that's paid off. Tanglible results from years and years of hard work and dedication."

Alonso had so many special moments in his first season in Flushing. He had a few that came to mind.

"So many different moments ... the cameraderie we have. So many exciting walk-off wins, come from behind wins. It being a complete party on the field. Enjoying the moments with the boys, when everyone contributes, we're all pulling for each other. Dom Smith didnt play for two months, comes up clutch. Walk-off home run to end the year."

It's been a whirlwind year for Alonso, going from a rookie in the Mets organization to a star player and face of the franchise.

"Things are different. I still want to be the same person. I'm really happy that I'm respected as a ball player. I'm happy I worked hard for that. Being who I am got me to where I am."

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