Seattle Seahawks 'Very Interested' in Jets' Jamal Adams: Report

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Add another possible destination to the Jamal Adams “play literally anywhere but for the Jets” sweepstakes: Seattle.

On Thursday, ESPN Radio Seattle host and former pro quarterback Jake Heaps – who spent a few months on the Jets’ camp roster back in 2015 – dropped an insider bombshell that Adams may have some fans in the Seahawks organization.

“I actually had a conversation with a friend of mine who works in a front office on the other side of the country for an NFL team, and we were talking and he actually said, ‘So your Seahawks are really into Jamal Adams,'” Heaps said on his Tom, Jake, and Stacy Show. ‘He said the Seahawks are absolutely pursuing Jamal Adams.”

Adams is under contract to the Jets for two more years, after the Jets picked up his $9.86 million rookie contract option for 2021, but he’s made it no secret that he wants a big contract extension and/or a ticket out of East Rutherford.

“The thing that is interesting about that, talking with this source and asking him about, OK, well, what is Jamal Adams asking for? What does he want ultimately?” Heaps said. “To me, Jamal Adams is in a Quinton Dunbar situation. He either wants a new deal (with the Jets) that is going to match his talent, or he wants to be traded to a very good team.”

Given that Seattle has been a consistent playoff team of late, that would fit Adams’ criteria, and would give the Seahawks an impact secondary player they’ve been lacking since losing three-fourths of their starting defensive backfield after the 2017 season.

“If the Seahawks are interested in Jamal Adams and he’s willing to play out at least for this season on his current deal, I think that that could be a really dynamic trade and a big boost for the Seahawks that could really take that defense and that defensive backfield back to that Legion of Boom type of status again,” Heaps said. “Because as much as we reminisce about Kam Chancellor, Jamal Adams is a generational talent at that position and plays very similarly to Kam. Quandre Diggs and Jamal Adams as your safeties for the foreseeable future? That’s a dynamic combination right there.”

Even without an extension, the Jets won’t give Adams up cheaply, but Heaps was bullish on the cost being worth the return.

“The Jets want premium return for Jamal Adams, probably a first-round pick and either a player or another early-round pick,” Heaps said. “For me, I would absolutely give up that first-round pick. I think Jamal Adams is definitely that type of talent.” 

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