Yankees' Gleyber Torres Also Thinks Astros Cheated In 2019


The Astros were punished for sign-stealing that happened in 2017, but there are still lingering questions about 2019 too.

Quite a few players around Major League Baseball have accused Houston of cheating last season, when AJ Hinch’s team fell at the final hurdle to the Nationals in the World Series. Suspicious video from last year’s ALCS have led some to believe that the Astros were using buzzers to steal signs.

Yankees infielder Gleyber Torres joined in on those accusations on Monday. Speaking to reporters from spring training in Tampa, Florida, Torres was asked if he thinks the Astros were cheating in 2019 as well.

“Yeah, for sure,” said Torres. “If I played video games with you and I see your controller, I’ll know what’s coming. I will hit really well and I will win. And if you tell me we’re playing again, I’ll do the same thing because I won. … If you cheated in 2017 and you won, why wouldn’t cheat the next year? … It’s not respect for baseball when you cheat.”

Gleyber Torres believes the Astros cheated for three years, saying they had no reason to stop pic.twitter.com/KOEg1VZ67b

— Yankees Videos (@snyyankees) February 17, 2020

Torres isn’t the first player to express their anger with the Astros, and he certainly won’t be the last. There is still clearly quite a bit of tension around the league directed towards Houston, and those feelings have likely only become more passionate as Astros players and executives have sometimes done a less-than-stellar job of apologizing for their actions.

Out of all the teams in the league, the Yankees might have the best case to be angry at Houston. In 2017, the year Houston was found to have utilized an electronic sign-stealing system, New York lost to the Astros in a seven-game ALCS. Torres is accusing them of cheating in 2019 too, when they again defeated the Yankees in ALCS.

The 2019 ALCS was won when Jose Altuve hit a walk-off home run in the ninth inning of Game 6. As he neared home plate, Altuve could be seen telling his teammates not to rip his shirt off during the celebration. That fueled the conspiracy that the Venezuelan was wearing a buzzer under his jersey.

Jose Altuve of the Houston Astros comes home to score after his walk-off two-run home run to win game six of the American League Championship Series 6-4 against the Yankees at Minute Maid Park on October 19, 2019 in Houston, Texas.Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

Torres also spoke about Altuve, who is his fellow countryman. 

"I got a really good relationship with Altuve. For me, it's hard to see that. But I don't want to say anything exactly against Altuve. To me, he's one of the best players in MLB, so I feel really bad. Altuve is truly a good guy and humble, but not respecting the game, I don't like that."

Aaron Boone continues to be understanding about his players venting their frustrations with the scandal surrounding the Astros.

“I think it’s important for them to say whatever they need to say on the matter,” said Boone. “If they want to talk about it, or not, I’m respectful of that and encourage that. But there will be a time also, as a club, when it’ll be time to stop talking about it and lock in the important business we have in front of us in 2020.”

Boone also added that he the Yankees would not be retaliating against the Astros by purposely hitting their batters.