Keidel: Pat Shurmur Should Pay The Price For Giants' New Level Of Futility

By WFAN Sports Radio 101.9 FM/66AM New York

As the light, white flakes cascaded down upon MetLife Stadium, on the helmets and shoulder pads and fans, leaving a thin coat on the field, it looked as though the Giants and Packers were playing in a snow globe on Sunday. 

Just as we've come to expect snow in December, we're almost equally sure to watch the Giants lose a football game. They obliged us yet again, getting drubbed by the Packers 31-13, marking their eighth straight loss - their first such slide since 2004 - and a foul new home at the bottom of the NFC East. 

Even the awful Redskins (3-9) have a better record than the Giants (2-10), who now have matching home and road records (1-5). No team has a streak longer than the Giants' current avalanche of losses, and only the bottom-feeding Bengals (1-11) have a worse record in the NFL. 

The cold weather didn't help. The wind didn't help. And the stew of snow and freezing rain didn't help the Giants, because the Packers play in even worse conditions in that small-town football utopia of Green Bay, a place made famous by frigid weather and a former Giants coach whose name is on the Super Bowl Trophy. 

The Giants huddle. Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

At 9-3, the Packers are Super Bowl contenders. They have Aaron Rodgers, who has gotten lost in the speedy shadows of current quarterbacks. He doesn't have Lamar Jackson's Matrix moves. He doesn't have Russell Wilson's athleticism. But Rodgers is still a master passer and took just one pass to show the Giants what he can do to porous defenses, tossing a 37-yard dart downfield to Allen Lazard as he dashed across the goal line, not a single defender within five yards of him. It put the Packers up 14-7, and the Giants never saw the lead the rest of the way.  

The Giants have been around for 94 years, yet this is the first one in which they did not win a single game in October or November. They are 5-17 in their last 22 home games, and with one more loss, they will stumble toward nine consecutive losses for the first time since 1976. 

Daniel Jones, who two months ago was riding high on his Danny Dimes handle, is now seeing his sobriquet decay to Danny Spare Change, in light of all his turnovers, which have ballooned to league-worst 21 after three interceptions on Sunday. 

The head coach is heated, schooling and scolding us on his anger over this laughable litany of losses. But it's his responsibility to fix it, and Pat Shurmur's 7-21 record as head coach of Big Blue - and 17-44 career coaching record - further italicized a growing sense that he's not the right man for this job. 

The Giants spent most of their draft on defense (seven picks), yet they get gashed by a rainbow of team jerseys and a conga line of quarterbacks. Aaron Rodgers may be the best QB to beat Big Blue, but he's far from the first. The G-Men have fallen to Sam Darnold, Mitch Trubisky, Matt Stafford, Kyler Murray, and Dak Prescott (twice), whose teams are a combined 22-36-2. 

Shurmur is the first to tell us that there are no moral victories in close games (the Giants were only down 17-13 entering the fourth quarter). They ran more plays, gained more yards, had fewer penalties, and held the ball for two more minutes than the Packers. Still, the Packers clubbed the Giants, 14-0, in the fourth quarter, as Rodgers put the final strokes on this 4-touchdown masterpiece. 

The Giants have the most losses since the start of the 2017 NFL season, posting a 10-34 eyesore. For this season, Jones has 20 touchdowns and 21 turnovers - despite not playing the first two weeks - while his offense has put up a putrid 18 or fewer points over their last four games. At some point, someone has to take the hit for this frightful futility. 

Shurmur was hired in large part because of his old job was to build powerful offenses. Folks forget his new job is to win football games. If Big Blue can’t beat the Dolphins or Redskins this month, Shurmur’s new job will be to find a new job. 

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