Schrager On NFL Draft: Murray To Cardinals 'More Likely Than Unlikely'


The NFL Combine may have just began, but the rumor mill is already buzzing at full speed.

The biggest question heading into Indianapolis seemed to be whether or not the Arizona Cardinals had genuine interest in taking Oklahoma QB Kyler Murray with the first overall pick.

According to NFL Network's Peter Schrager, Arizona may have already made up their mind on the Heisman Trophy winning quarterback.

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"It is as real as it gets, Mike," Schrager told Mike Francesa on the Cardinals' interest in Murray. "Murray to the Cardinals, I would put my name, my reputation on as of right now, that seems to be more likely than unlikely."

If Arizona does decide to take Murray with the first pick in the draft, many believe that the team's first round pick in 2018, quarterback Josh Rosen, would then be on the trading block. 

The Cardinals will have until April 25 to decide if Rosen is the team's quarterback of the future. 

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Whether or not they choose to take a quarterback with the first overall pick will come down to how the team thinks Rosen compares to this year's crop of premier signal-callers. 

"The question is, is Josh Rosen better than Murray?" Schrager asked on Friday's Mike's On. "Is Josh Rosen better than (Dwayne) Haskins? Is Josh Rosen better than Drew Lock, who are the top quarterbacks here?

"If you view Rosen as the second-best quarterback in this draft or the third-best quarterback in this draft, and you have a current starter or you're a team that needs a quarterback, he might be on the market. Do you trade and go get him? The market place for Josh Rosen will be interesting..."

To listen to Mike's full interview with Peter Schrager, click on the audio player above.