Listen Back: Suzyn Waldman's First Update & The Beginning of WFAN


Exactly 33 years ago today – 3 p.m. ET on July 1, 1987, to be exact – WFAN Sports Radio went on the air at 1050 on the AM dial, becoming the first 24-hour all-sports radio station in the country.

As the saying goes, often imitated but never duplicated, WFAN moved down the dial to 660 AM in October 1988, and then added a simulcast on 101.9 FM in November 2012 – but back in the day, it was 1050 AM, and the first show on WFAN was hosted by Jim Lampley.

The first voice heard on the newly-christened WFAN, though, was that of Suzyn Waldman, who kicked off the all-sports era with the first 20/20 Sports Update – a then-thrice-an-hour rundown of the top stories and scores of the moment, one that would become a staple of the on-air broadcasts until recently morphing into hourly Sports Flashes.