Should the Boomer & Gio Crew Road Trip to the Super Bowl?


WFAN always enjoys a large presence on Radio Row at the Super Bowl, but on Tuesday morning, Gio’s worry about the NFL being able to complete its season and the financial woes of a pandemic led to a discussion about that trip being in jeopardy, even if Boomer will be there for CBS no matter what.

Al suggested that perhaps, WFAN could rent the group a Winnebago if it would save some cash? It’s an 18-hour drive (give or take) from Manhattan to Tampa, but it seems like the Boomer & Gio crew are all about piling into a Winnebago or a tour bus if that’s what it takes to get there.

“Eddie and I could bring our dogs if we drive, we can have a Winnebago full of dogs,” Al Dukes said of the trip, a quote that didn’t quite bring the “whimsy” he figured it would.

“It’d have to be a big Winnebago – maybe we need a tour bus. Do you think Springsteen has one for rent?” Boomer wondered, to which Gio responded: “We could’ve used Mike DelGuidice’s but he’s still mad at Al!”

The thought of the entire crew in a Winnebago, a tour bus, or any confined space for that long would make for some great comedy, and perhaps some uncomfortable accommodations, too.

“So let’s see, there’d be five of us going, so we’d need something capable of moving with five sleeping quarters,” Gio noted, and Boomer responded that “perhaps Al & Jerry can sleep together?”

Jerry IMMEDIATELY said no way, but that let Gio have some fun with it.

“Drop dead dude, you’re taking all the sheets! That’s my pillow, drop dead dude! You’re being an ass. Stop Dutch ovening me man, you’re being an ass!”

Perhaps, if WFAN’s budget doesn’t allow this, we can start a GoFundMe - with all proceeds beyond the trip sent to Muzz for some snappy hour appetizers?

You can listen to the whole clip below, but, we warn you: when you get to the end, don’t google bacon on the table, or bacon table for that matter, and don’t say we didn’t warn you if you do.

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