Boomer and Gio's Moment of the Day: 8/4/2020


On Tuesday, for the first time ever, Boomer & Gio’s Moment of the Day was a three-parter – more like “Segment of the Day” than just a Moment!

Muzz’s call in to the show to harass Gio about their Knicks bet and Gio’s boat disaster brought forth quite the rant, one that was too big to cover just one moment.

“We had a bunch picked out, me and Bob Dwyer had them all set to go, and then last hour happened and it was fabulous: Muzz called in about the bet, and Gio went off,” Jerry said as he introduced the clip that sent Gio into a tailspin about Muzz and his boat, and then into the part two rant about karma, and then into the part three rant about the bet itself, and the future of the Knicks.

Moment of the Day is there to be a good reminder of something great that happened in the prior four hours, but sometimes, as Gio noted, it can make you remember things you said in the heat of passion that you don’t even realize.

“Appreciate that Jerry…man, when you launch into one of those things, you don’t even realize half of the stuff you’re saying,” Gio said. “I forgot I said that if karma existed he’d be dead already!”

Check out today’s Boomer and Gio Moment/Segment of the Day below, and check out more on-demand audio from WFAN's morning show!

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