WFAN's Boomer and Gio's Moment of the Day: 8/5/20


Nothing starts the morning like a good, hearty breakfast, and luckily for Gio his police friends have him covered.

Broadcasting from a friend’s brown-themed man cave due to power outages from Tropical Storm Isaias, Gio received a visit from police who brought him a 7/11 breakfast during the show.

Although it was no Wendy’s, Gio was still appreciative, and the sight of the cops arriving to his friend’s home startled said friend, who was sleeping to the sounds of the rain forest.

Gio felt maybe he should have had the cops play a prank on him about the bird noises. 

We’ll let you listen to Gio talk about his breakfast experience and the jungle noises he was hearing from the man cave, where he may be back in again tomorrow.

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