Mike Francesa: Loss To Struggling Jets 'A New Low' For Giants


It didn’t mean much to the rest of the NFL, but it meant something in New York.

The Jets beat the Giants 34-27 in the rivalry game that happens once every four years in the regular season. This year, it turned out to be a meeting of two of the worst teams in the league.

The Giants had the better record entering the contest, but their defense couldn’t stop the Jets in a frustrating loss for Pat Shurmur’s team. Mike Francesa called it a “new low” for the Giants as he kicked off his Monday show on WFAN.

“For the Giants, it’s just more of the same,” said Francesa. "It has thrown them into a new low. It really has. That is an awful performance yesterday, losing to a team like the Jets, allowing the Jets to come out and dictate the game early as they did.”

This loss will once again put pressure on Shurmur. The 54-year-old is in his second year on the job, but his record with the Giants is a disappointing 7-19. His overall record as a head coach is just 17-42.

The Giants are pretty sure they have their franchise quarterback in Daniel Jones, but they could look at this season and decide that Shurmur isn’t the right guy to lead Jones and the rest of the young roster into the future.

Pat ShurmurPhoto by Elsa/Getty Images

Francesa criticized some of Shurmur’s coaching decisions, especially those made late in the game.

“We saw some decision making that, again, just made no sense, at the end of the game … the time management at the end of the game was ridiculous. There are so many things to get into … and then I watch as the head coach after the game says they’re ‘on the right path.’ Well, if that’s the right path then I give up.”

This certainly isn't the first time that Shurmur's coaching has prompted questions after a game. The Giants have lost quite a few close games over the last two seasons. 

Francesa took issue with Shurmur’s choice to punt the ball back to the Jets when the Giants were down with time dwindling in the fourth quarter.

“You’ve got about a 10 percent chance to complete the play when you’re talking about that distance on fourth down. Still, much better than punting the ball back to a team when you have no timeouts and there’s only a little more than two minutes … It’s ridiculous. It was worthless. Punting the ball back made no sense after you used your timeouts the way you did. But again, the thought that goes into this stuff you really have to wonder about.”

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