Brian Jones: Lou Holtz is '100 Percent a Damn Liar'

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“I’m not surprised, but I was taken aback that it occurred when it did. I am so proud of those young men and women who are leading this movement. The youth across this country, they are taking ownership of this movement; they want a bigger and better America, and I applaud all of them for what they’re doing.”

Those are the words of CBS Sports Radio’s Brian Jones, who appeared on WFAN’s Moose & Maggie Show Thursday morning to discuss the boycotts and postponements across the sports world, and led by the NBA, on Wednesday in the wake of the Jacob Blake shooting in Wisconsin.

“That was history-making yesterday by the NBA: games be damned, our hearts aren’t in it. We need to foster change in this country, and if it takes putting pain in the pocket books of ourselves, management, and municipalities, that’s what it’s going to take,” Jones said.

Jones has, over the last few days, retweeted and given his own thoughts on the Blake shooting, and the state of social injustice and protests throughout the country, and expounded upon his thoughts in an impassioned speech to Moose & Maggie.

“They’re not asking for anything extra – don’t listen to the naysayers that say they are – but all they’re asking for is for this to be an equitable society. Right now law enforcement is above the law, and that’s not equitable in any society,” Jones said. “Until we end qualified immunity, we are going to continue to protest and speak out; we will not be shouted down by the likes of people like Lou Holtz, who is 100 percent a liar with the comments he made last night about those of us who are voicing our feelings.”

Jones was specifically referring to Holtz’s speech at the Republican National Convention on Wednesday night, where, in addition to giving sharp criticisms of Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden, the legendary football coach opined this:

"There are people today like politicians, professors, protesters and, of course, President Trump naysayers in the media who like to blame others for problems. They don't have pride in our country, and,  because they no longer ask, 'What can I do for my country?' only what the country should be doing for them, they don't have pride in themselves. That's wrong."

Jones had a simple and impactful reply to that.

“We do not look down on our country, we look down on the episodes, the traumatic things we’ve experienced in our country,” he said. “We’re not blaming others for our failures, we’re asking our country to do for us what it does for its white citizenry. For him to see we have no pride in our country and in ourselves, he’s a damn liar.”

You can listen to Jones’ entire segment on Moose & Maggie below.

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