Patrick Patel, DeAndre Baker's Lawyer, Debunks Witness Payoff Allegations

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The 12 p.m. hour of Monday’s Moose and Maggie Show brought a lot of legal drama to WFAN, starting when New York Daily News Giants beat reporter Pat Leonard called in to discuss the recent turns in the legal case of Giants cornerback DeAndre Baker.

About 10 minutes after Leonard left the show, one of Baker’s attorneys, Patrick Patel, called in to set the record straight on some things that had been said earlier in the hour, and explain some of what has been going on with Baker.

“Let me bring you up to speed – I’m DeAndre’s personal attorney dealing with NFL matters, but I’m also his criminal attorney, and I have not been admitted pro hac vice in Florida because there is no case yet for me even to make an appearance on,” Patel told Marc Malusis and Maggie Gray. “You guys can take it as gospel that I am his criminal and civil attorney, but there’s no reason for me to go down there yet.”

In discussing the search warrant that was reported over the weekend about Baker’s alleged Instagram conversations about witness payoffs, Patel told the New York Post that news of the warrant and its public revelation would “exonerate” his client – a point he doubled down on with Moose & Maggie, also doubling down on his claim that Baker and Seahawks cornerback Quinton Dunbar were in fact being extorted by certain individuals in regards to the case.

“I’m very concerned about that Pat Leonard interview, because the search warrant he says the Daily News got through an OPRA (Open Public Records Act) request is a search warrant on an ongoing criminal investigation,” Patel said. “Neither Brad (Cohen, Baker’s co-attorney in the matter) nor I have that search warrant yet, so we intend to file motions into the court to find out how that warrant was obtained – but I’m not worried about that, because if one reads the search warrant carefully, they will see the text messages going back and forth between Baker and Johnson…those were orchestrated by Cohen and I to flush these extortionists out.”

Patel then further expounded on the subject as to why that move was orchestrated.

“Cohen and I reported to the FBI and to the detective what was going on; the detective triangulated Mr. Baker’s phone to my house in Fort Lauderdale, where it was myself, Brad, and DeAndre texting Johnson, and the reason we did that was simple,” Patel said. “If there’s a hostage situation and they call you, you don’t say, ‘hang up the phone.’ What do you say? ‘Where are you, how much, give me proof of life, give me information.’ The text messages going from Baker to Johnson were to solicit the information of the extortionists. We knew they were going to (Dunbar’s attorney Michael) Grieco’s office, because that’s what was told to us, and we reported that. Never did Baker, nor his attorneys, pay the extortionists any money, and the reason we didn’t is because we didn’t need the affidavits.”

And with that, Patel made a strong statement of Baker's innocence.

"Baker was not involved with any robbery that night, 100 percent no, and we've said that from day one." 

You can listen to Patel’s entire call-in below, and as always, you can check out more on-demand audio from Moose & Maggie, or tune in every day to the livestream of the show!

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