Peter King on Joe Judge Criticism: 'Let Him Run the Team'

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“We live in an absolutely ridiculous society. Joe Judge comes in from the Belichick/Saban school, and if you hire Joe Judge, you better be willing to let him set his own disciplinary standards.”

A hot take from NBC Sports’ Peter King, who joined WFAN’s Moose & Maggie Show on Monday to discuss the backlash new Giants head coach Joe Judge has received for his strict disciplinary measures.

“In my opinion, anybody complaining about making a mistake and having to run laps…you need to go work in an office, or you need to go find another job, because that is as old as the hills,” King continued. “Maybe people think they shouldn’t do it anymore – why, and who cares? If I make a mistake and the coach tells me to do pushups or run a lap, I just shut my mouth and do it. Anybody criticizing him for that – who cares? It’s his way of doing things. They hired him to coach the team, let him do that and see where his record is in one or two years.”

Moose and Maggie weren’t in total disagreement with King’s point, but Gray in particular seemed to think that Judge’s tactic of having coaches run laps as well was anywhere between archaic and asinine.

That’s when Moose jumped in.

“Why is everyone trying to first-guess Joe Judge here? The Giants haven’t been particularly well-coached and a lot of things have gone wrong – Joe Judge comes in and wants to hold guys accountable, and it’s amazing the amount of pushback from former players coming in. To me, it’s crazy.”

“You’re right,” King said after a pregnant pause, to the amusement of the hosts. “I’ve never heard (of coaches running laps) either and it’s weird to me, but here’s the last time I saw a coach do something in training camp that I thought was not wise: some of the stuff Tom Coughlin did with the Jaguars in training camp in Wisconsin 1995. He painted a yellow concentration line, and when you were inside it, you had to concentrate on football…there were a lot of weird things, but this to me is too many people with too much time on their hands to analyze something that just doesn’t matter.”

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