Rasheed Wallace: Thibodeau 'Will Hold Knicks Accountable on D'

By WFAN Sports Radio 101.9 FM/66AM New York

Ball don’t lie, and neither does ‘Sheed, especially when it comes to being on the radio in NYC.

Rasheed Wallace jumped on with WFAN’s Moose & Maggie on Tuesday to discuss new Knicks head coach Tom Thibodeau, and while ‘Sheed’s tenure in New York wasn’t that glorious – see also Moose & Maggie not even being able to identify him as the Mystery Guest when he said he played for the Knicks – the former All-Star thinks Thibs’ time in the Mecca will be much better.

“He’s definitely going to hold guys accountable on defense,” said Wallace, who played in Boston while Thibodeau was an assistant with the Celtics. “I think Doc (Rivers) and Thibs were a good combo in Boston – Thibs had the defensive side of the ball, and Doc had the offense. But everyone on that team, or whoever he brings in, he will hold them accountable.”

Accountability, Wallace said, is the only way for the young Knicks team to make that leap defensively.

“That’s how you get better on defense; not just ‘oh, man, my guy beat me,’ but you have to think about, ‘okay, my man beat me, so I either have to pick up the next man, or I’m going to give somebody a foul,” Wallace said. “He’s going to hold them accountable for that.”

And it won’t be easy, because Wallace thinks that a young team like the Knicks may not be a correct fit, at least at the outset, for Thibodeau’s schemes.

“My biggest concern is having that offensive power, having guys who aren’t afraid to challenge guys putting the ball in the hole,” Wallace said. “I think Thibs will probably have the most success with a veteran team that understands some of his defensive schemes. When I first got to Boston, I questioned some of them, but playing the game and getting into it, they started to make sense.”

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