Moose and Maggie’s Mystery Guest: 7/14/2020

By WFAN Sports Radio 101.9 FM/66AM New York

On Tuesday, Moose and Maggie’s Mystery Guest presented by Jersey Mike’s brought a little Jersey and a little New England to the 1 p.m. hour on WFAN.

Today’s Mystery Guest wasn’t a challenge for Maggie Gray, though, as she needed only a couple questions to nail down the identity. Saying “I know that voice” as soon as the guest identified himself, Maggie correctly identified him as a college basketball coach, specifically…

Dan Hurley!

Yes, it was the Garden State legend and current UConn men’s basketball head coach who joined Moose and Maggie to kick off their final hour, after what Maggie called “the best performance I’ve ever had” in a Mystery Guest guessing game.

“If it wasn’t you, I was going to guess your dad, because you sound a lot alike,” Maggie said, to which Hurley responded: “I’ve got that Jersey City with a tinge of New England from six years in Rhode Island, but yeah, I’ve picked up on a lot of dad’s mannerisms, as well as his disdain for referees!”

UConn’s return to the Big East as of this academic year was awesome, and Hurley touched on what it means to the program, as well as how much it has helped with recruiting in recent years.

“It’s awesome. This program was built in the Big East Conference, and it didn’t quite feel right playing a conference game in January in Tulsa or Wichita. It’ll feel right getting back to playing at Georgetown or Providence or Seton Hall,” Hurley said. “And, it’s helped a lot with recruiting. We’ve been able to put together back-to-back Top 20 recruiting classes with high-level talent that UConn is expected to have. There was a run here, from Donyell Marshal to Ray Allen to Rip Hamilton all the way to Kemba Walker, with a lot of lottery picks and NBA Champions.”

And, it means a lot to a state where UConn basketball is king and queen.

“When you coach at UConn, seeing what basketball has meant to the school and to the state, being the professional franchise in a state of 3 million people, it’s a completely different deal,” Hurley said. “When you’re growing up in Jersey, you’d see pro teams’ gear everywhere, and even in Providence it was a lot of Red Sox and Boston – but when you’re in Dunkin’ or at a mall in Connecticut, it’s nothing but Huskies everywhere.”

Hurley also went in to what may happen with college basketball, specifically in the Big East, as it relates to COVID-19 concerns, which is definitely a must-listen. You can hear Hurley’s entire segment by using the Rewind function on the RADIO.COM app to go back to the 1 p.m. hour – and, as always, you can check out more on-demand audio from Moose & Maggie, or tune in every day to the livestream of the show!

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